I play chess at the Schaakkring Oude God Mortsel. At time of writing, I have around 1200 ELO’s.

Here are my past interclub games. As I annotate them, they go straight into a git repository, and a rebuild of my website is triggered when GitLab receives the new PGN file. This way, my games are usually online the evening of the game.

When I have some time, I will try to get the comments/annotations that I make/are made by Stockfish visible on the page of the game.

30/09/2018 IC (round ?) Ruben De Smet vs. Philippe L. (0-1)

26/03/2017 IC (round 10) Rudi vs. Ruben De Smet (1-0)

12/03/2017 IC (round 9) Ruben De Smet vs. Axel (0-1)

19/02/2017 IC (round 8) Elien vs. Ruben De Smet (0-1)

12/02/2017 IC (round 7) Vlademeare O. vs. Ruben De Smet (0-1)

04/12/2016 IC (round 5) Ruben De Smet vs. Xiaoyun Yao (1-0)

27/11/2016 IC (round 4) Ruben De Smet vs. Wannes De Temmerman (1-0)

06/11/2016 IC (round 3) Michael Baesegian vs. Ruben De Smet (0-1)

24/04/2016 IC (round 11) Ruben De Smet vs. Ludo Roegiers (0-1)

Visualization of the chessboards using chessboard.js by Chris Oakman