Sway is an i3-gaps clone, but using Wayland instead of X11. Recently, since Sway 0.12, Redshift is supported, via a patchset. These patches are available on the Arch Linux User Repository, package redshift-wayland-git. That was mostly the final missing thing for me in order to switch from i3 to Sway. The only annoyance left is the copy paste from Wayland native applications to XWayland applications, and vice versa.

Since a while, I started using Rofi as my application launcher, because it supports (Freedesktop) Desktop file launchers.

Long story short: Rofi on Sway starts and shows up, but doesn’t always respond to keypresses. Luckily, Sardem FF7 is working on a wip/wayland branch.

It does use some non-official Wayland protocols, and needs some hacks tweaking here and there. For convenience, I created two AUR packages; both for wlc-wall-injector, the hack and wayland-wall, the protocols.

Installing the former will also pull in the latter as a dependency. After that, you’ll need to LD_PRELOAD the hack. To start Sway, you’ll need to use LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libwlc-wall-injector.so sway from now on.

Now, you can install the wayland branch of Rofi. I made another package for that: rofi-wayland-git.

EDIT: you also have to disable the cap_sys_ptrace=eip on /usr/bin/sway:

setcap -r /usr/bin/sway

because that otherwise disables your LD_PRELOAD hack.

Good luck. Join us on Freenode if you have feedback; I’m both on #sway and #rofi.