I am a GNU/Linux consultant. I help small businesses with their computing needs, if possible guiding them to a fully free (as in user freedom) solution.

For example: I install NAS/server hybrids that serve as backup and disaster recovery server, nextCloud server, print server, and other services.

Larger business consults me for system administration tasks using Ansible, CentOS, Cassandra, …

I also am a ThinkPad fan, and I am a Lenovo partner.

I am specialising in performance optimization of software. I love to work with technologies like Rust and C++.

Give me a call and I’ll see what I can do for you! I’m mostly active around Antwerp (Hemiksem) and Brussels (Elsene/Ixelles). Meanwhile, have a look at my curriculum vitae (ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands).

Almost forgot: you can contact me by phone (+32 474 09 11 50) and e-mail (me [at] rubdos [dot] be). Just make sure to substitute [dot] and [at] with “.” and “@”.